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Amateur Radio Receiver



The main objective of this project is to promote amateur radio radiosporta and creativity that are undeservedly forgotten in our time.

One of the main enemies radiosporta considered to be the Internet. However, this can only partly agree. Agree, because people have not stopped jogging just because that was invented by an internal combustion engine. Communication at a distance using radio waves - this is a hobby that die, in principle, can not. Another thing, when due to lack of funding or lack of closed stations and collective radiokruzhki. Our young and happy pokolonie can be radiosportsmenami, but just who will show and tell about it? Alas, a few... Meanwhile, the airwaves - this is such an entity, which is better one time to hear the most...

RECEIVER.BY will give beginners the opportunity to plunge into the wonderful world of radio and have no external antennas and expensive equipment. The current short-wave service to help our control his station thousands of miles! Of course, you have to remember that claim to be the superpriemnika RECEIVER.BY can not, but on the other hand for all the amateur level, even in perfectly!