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Amateur Radio Receiver



Dear Colleagues, Our non-profit project RECEIVER.BY constantly in need of support from your side. Even making a small amount as a voluntary donation - you make a huge contribution to our creativity! All proceeds will support and development services as well as to update the receiving equipment. In transferring the money quote from someone translate this (name, call sign or login).

Last 20 donations

$2.57: PNZ
$0.49: MIKHAIL
$0.82: MIKHAIL
$0.85: VITALIK
$2.45: RA1NK
$10.00: UA1CFX
$2.40: UR1006SWL
$0.25: DAGAPO
$1.56: NICK
$0.85: RU0LR
$0.85: RU0LR
$2.00: VOOOZ
$2.45: RK3LC
$7.26: FOX
$8.57: RV3AIK
$5.38: HMAN
$5.00: HOSTAR
$40.00: UA9ULT
$0.94: UA9SY
$1.88: R9XV

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