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News radio
Discussion of news published on the site RECEIVER.BY
from CMAUA
28.07.17 11:37
Radios and monitoring
Discussion of issues related to the operation, repair, construction of radio receiving equipment
from KOKS122
10.09.17 20:12
Transceivers, transmitters and PA
Discussion of operations, maintenance and construction of receiving and transmitting equipment and power amplifiers
from RU0LR
03.05.16 11:45
Software and Digital modes
Discussion of software for radio, as well as topics related to digital forms of communication
20.08.13 04:54
Antennas and feeder farm
All about antenna LW, SW, SW, CB, etc. multibendy Design of antennas, their parameters and efficiency
from EW7MAX
04.05.17 13:54
Bulletin board
Here you can buy, sell, exchange, gift
from DNMA
02.08.17 18:18
Forum moderators
It discusses issues that are not intended to cover a broad audience. Access only to users with more than 500 points or status from "radio ham"
from 4Z5NY
15.03.12 07:15
Talk Site and Forum RECEVIER.BY
Operational issues on the site, comments and suggestions to improve the site by our users.
from 1ANTON1
16.06.17 10:49
Topics not covered in other sections. Greetings, humor and just communicating on abstract themes
24.11.16 15:05
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